Is ever lasting love a Hollywood myth?
Learn how to attract and grow long lasting relationships full of love, passion and intimacy
August 3rd
01:00pm EST

Discover the shocking statistics on today’s relationships

Learn the difference between time and quality time

Discover why you need to invest now to reap rewards in the future

Learn “secret tips” to keep your relationship constantly fresh

Discover the benefits of Virtuous Pleasure

The average relationship today lasts just 2.5 years. That’s less than half the time relationships lasted on average 2 decades ago. There are more challenges facing couples today than ever before. We have influences from society, social media, family and friends like never before. Sometimes it can be useful. Other times, not.

The funny thing is even though we put less and less time and effort into our relationships (the average cohabiting couple in the UK spends less than 2.5 hours together a day and over half that is spent watching TV) we expect much more from them.

So, how can we avoid being part of the statistics and change to investing in our relationship for a long lasting future rather than consuming what’s there now and moving on in 2.5 years to something new? That is exactly what we will discuss in this webinar. If you want to get more from your relationship and have that ever lasting love you hear about in Hollywood movies, join us.