About Kama Experiential

Kama Retreats is a combination of unique Tantric initiations with a holiday in some of the world’s most amazing destinations. A Tantric experience of a lifetime – within your grasp!

Tantra fascinates and amazes us. Ever since we ourselves began taking steps on this path of ecstasy and bliss, experiences we have had turned out to be beyond imagination. We became convinced: Tantra is the ultimate experience life has to offer.

In an effort to share this experience with others who similarly dare to look for the best in life, we have gathered some of the world’s most experienced and talented teachers to share their knowledge and guidance during unique holiday experiences.

Events we organize are hands-on experiences, containing both profound theoretical foundation as well as dedicated guidance for practice, tailored to everyone’s individual needs and possibilities. It is an experience where beneficial changes in life are guaranteed!

We also take care to find perfect locations where transmitting such teachings can take place effortlessly, in an ambiance of privacy, respect and spontaneous openness to whatever life brings. At some of world’s most exotic locations we provide intimacy explorers with a carefree paradise, with no hidden costs and all the needs provided for.

All the members of our staff are practitioners of Tantra themselves, which makes us a unique company. Every participant of one of our events is not just a customer, but a fellow traveler and a friend. In fact, you are most likely to see even the administrative members of our staff participating in all the theory and practice sessions as much as possible. Making your experience wonderful is our primary concern.

We take our responsibilities very seriously; from the first encounter we aim to provide full guidance and assistance at every step. We liaison with resort staff, local officials and take care of any situation, ensuring participants of our events can devote themselves fully to the teachings provided at the event, without worrying about any mundane practicalities.

Finally, we aim that our retreats are something more than one-time arrangements, memory of which could (although highly unlikely) fade away. Through our work and our events we aim to create a living community of people who share great joy in exploring the mysteries of their being, their sexuality, their place in the world. Exclusive, yet free, membership in our network gives access to communication channels with other members and our teachers, as well as special articles and materials which assist further on the amazing journey Tantra invites us for.

We believe Tantra offers a methodology which will take humanity to a Golden Age never before noted in the human history. It is a lifestyle of human beings who know they deserve the best and that the best can be achieved through the overwhelming power of Love. We see our initiative as a part of a collective, world-wide effort, done on various levels in order to transform the current paradigm the humanity lives in, into the one which truly allows happiness and fulfillment for all and the true, yet humble, understanding of our role in this life.

We look forward to sharing this with YOU!