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Kama = Pleasure

At Kama Experiential we are all about creating pleasurable experiences for you. But not just any pleasurable experiences… experiences of pleasure that go beyond your wildest dreams and, more importantly, allow you realize things about yourself, your relationship and life. These experiences are fundamental keys to a path of self-growth, development and love.

Beneficial Pleasure

What if you could experience pleasure completely guilt-free, without any negative effects? We pioneered Beneficial Pleasure to show how pleasure can be used in a positive way: to grow, evolve and become truly free. This is the foundation of all of the experiences we create at Kama Experiential. Join us to really learn how you can have your cake AND eat it too.

The 7 secrets of Tantric Bliss

Through years of experience and study of authentic, ancient Tantric teachings, we have condensed the most valuable essence of this vast knowledge into what we call “The Seven Secrets of Tantric Bliss.”

The Secrets are now accessible to you in these two extraordinary programs:

Touch of Bliss

Enriching and relaxing 7 day retreat for couples

Receive 3 Secrets of Tantric Bliss

For those who want a playful holiday and authentic Tantric knowledge

Flexible dates, customizable to your schedule

Delivered by our highly trained,
international Tantra teachers

Bliss Immersion

Intensive 7 day retreat for couples and singles

Delivers ALL the 7 Secrets of Tantric Bliss

For those who are ready to receive advanced Tantric initiation

Only one week this year: October 1-8th 2017

Delivered by Advaita and Adina Stoian,
world leading experts in Tantra, with over 25 years of experience


“Hedonism II is a very special place. I was a little skeptical at first, given its reputation, but having spent 2 weeks here I feel it is one of the most special places in the world to learn true tantra and to work on your relationship. Here you can be yourself, be free… You really need to experience it for yourself. “


“Why I think this retreat is valid for anybody that is in any particular stage in their life is the ability to connect , to allow people to understand what wonderful gifts we have as individuals and how to start to relate to them.
I have not once felt disappointed, not once that this isn’t for me, not at all.”

coming soon
Unwind: Mini Retreat

Take a long weekend to relax, unwind and refresh (yourself and your relationship). We have the ultimate (and swift) getaway prepared for you in paradise.

Upcoming Events
Bliss Immersion

October 1st-8th, 2017, Jamaica

7-day Tantric intensive for couples and singles

Touch of Bliss

Customizable Dates, Jamaica

7-day playful and enriching vacation for couples

Unwind: Mini Retreat

Coming in 2018, Jamaica

4-day rejuvenating and relaxing getaway for couples

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